Weber Cooking Grate 7435 22.5in. Review

In a world where convenience and comfort are the goals, camping has been feeling neglected. But, having a Weber Cooking Grate 7435 22.5″ can change all that. One way to make camping feel like home is by cooking on a fire pit grill grate in your backyard.

Camping can be fun, and cooking outside and over flames is fun. There are many grill grates on the market, some better than others. I will review the Weber cooking grate to help you make the most informed buying decision for your outdoor needs.

Weber fire pit cooking grate
Weber Cooking Grate 7435 22.5=

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking marshmallows or steaks on your grill grate; outdoor grilling will always be a unique experience.

These tools will let you rest your food or dishes on their sturdy surface while still providing access to the campfire. There’s no need to spend time looking for the best cooking grates. We’ve already found them.

Let us show you the top fire pit cooking grate and explain what to look for as you decide.

The Weber 7435 Cooking Grate, Silver, 22.5″ is a great choice for making campfires more enjoyable.


  • Made out of heavy-duty steel construction
  • Easy clean design
  • Allows plenty of room for large pieces of meat, fish, and vegetables
  • The grates are of heavy gauge stainless steel with an aluminum core for durability and heat retention.
  • Convenient handles make this easy to move around while you’re grilling
  • Nonstick surface
  • Easy cleanup dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 22.5″ x 13.5″ x 2.25″
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Material: stainless steel

 A word of caution: This is dishwasher safe, but it is not recommended, from my experience, to put it into your dishwasher. You will have a big mess inside the washer, which will take forever to clean.

weber fire pit

Best Fire Pit Grates for Cooking

Cooking on a fire pit can be a fun activity and can produce some incredible food as well. Whether it’s in the backyard with a fire bowl, at the beach at a fire pit, or camping around a rumble stone fire pit, cooking a satisfying, healthy, enjoyable meal with friends and family will create beautiful memories.

What Is A Fire Pit Grill Grate?

Whether you have a fire pit on your backyard patio or plan to use it on camping trips or picnics, the fire pit grill grate provides many benefits. The fire pit grill grates are of durable steel or stainless steel act as an outdoor stove or BBQ.

When installed appropriately, fire pit grill grates can enhance the appeal of your patio or backyard. When friends and family gather during weekends, they will become the center point of your home, a place of laughter and joy.

And with the fire started and the grill warmed, the time will come to cook the food. But grates aren’t your ordinary charcoal or gas BBQ:

  • They are more extensive than other cookware, allowing you to cook food for dozens of people quickly.
  • Made of quality steel, and will transfer and conserve heat efficiently.
  • Many have built-in handles t allow more convenient managing.
  • The food will cook evenly and will be healthier than if cooked on natural wood.

How To Choose A Fire Pit Grill Grate

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a grill grate.


You can buy grill grates from 19 inches to 40 inches. If you already have a pre-made pit in your backyard, measure the diameter and choose accordingly.

However, if you plan to use your fire pit grill on your camping trips or picnics, it might be challenging to determine the correct size. Consider the number of people who eat—generally, the more the people, the larger the grate.


Durability should also be a top priority. More durable grates will generally cost more money, but they are also a wiser investment. If you plan on using your grill grate frequently, then you should consider a quality-made item.

You should either buy the stainless-steel fire pit grill grate or buy the one coated with high-quality paint. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with the metal construction. Outdoor grill grates heat resistant paint is also essential, but you can always add a coat of high-temp paint to preserve the grate.

Design Types And Options

You can choose between a square or round type of grill. Most fire pits are circular, and most people choose a round design. But, squared grates have their advantages; they are easier to store and transport and often fit on most DIY fire pits.

Another thing you need to consider is whether you want the bar-type design or the X-mark type design. When choosing between bar-type, make sure that you are happy with the amount of space between each bar. If the area is too broad, then your food will fall through it, which of course, is not good.

X-mark fire pit grill grates will leave that distinct mark on your food and ensure that even the tiniest food doesn’t fall through.

fire pit grate


  •    Quality heavy-duty material  
  •   Large surface area to hold plenty of food  
  •   Handle to carry easily  
  •   Nonstick surface for easy cleanup  
  •   Weight: 3lbs. makes very potable  


  •  No hinged flap to add charcoal or wood  
  •  Round not rectangular  

 How To Clean Grill Grate?

The easiest way of cleaning your fire pit grill grate is by burning the remaining food and debris. You can do this after cooking.

Using a wire grill brush should get it clean. Again, this can be a problem with some grates if the coating is of poor quality. 

Also, consider putting oil on your fire pit grate and wrap it in newspapers. The oil will protect your grates from oxidation, and the food won’t stick. If the paint is of poor quality, remove it with paint removers and then repaint with organic paint resistant to high temperatures.

What To Look For In A Cooking Grate

Finding the proper cooking grate isn’t hard. Keep these significant factors in mind.


There are two main types of cooking grates: flat and swivel. Two kinds of grates serve the same purpose, and they work differently.

Table type grill grates look precisely as their name suggests: like a table. They usually sit on stable feet or legs, which help the table to form a flat surface. Most of these grates are rectangular and made from heavy-duty steel material. The texture is usually meshed in a pattern, though some grates may have flat bottoms to collect grease or juice.

Some of these portable grill grates may have collapsible or extendable legs to allow you to adjust the cooking height. These types of grates are great for cooking over an open fire and for cooking lots of food.

Because they’re so stable, they’re an ideal choice if you are worried about your cooking grate tipping over. The stability makes it excellent for campgrounds that do not have perfectly level surfaces.

On the flip side, swivel grills are usually adjustable grill grates. These grates can be adjusted around the pole to adjust their position or their distance from the flame.

These are great for cooking meals that have different types of food. You can place some food on one grate higher or lower on the pole. An adjustable fire pit grate is a “swivel” grate because the grates swivel back and forth around the bar.

Many of the best adjustable cooking grates have a locking mechanism that can hold one or more grates in a position you determine. These are an excellent choice for more experienced chefs or if you have a campground with a relatively stable surface. They do run slightly more risk of tipping over since their entire stability is on the pole.


What material your cooking grate is made of matters a great deal. 

The most common material for a fire grill grate is high-grade steel. This type of steel is very durable and can last for a long time. But you may also find stainless steel cooking grates. Stainless steel is more lightweight and is a better choice for portable grill grates.

Stainless steel is also good because it resists corrosive damage and is hypoallergenic.

Many grill grates have meshed surfaces with diamond-shaped cutouts. These create the signature sear marks on many favorite cookout types of meat, but you’ll only want to place foods directly on stainless steel grates. Other mesh surfaces might be of different materials like heat-resistant nylon or nichrome.

In addition to material, you should investigate whether the grill grate is heat-resistant with treatment or paint. Paint that is not heat resistant runs the can fleck off and contaminating your food. It’s worth it to buy a grill grate with some heat-resistant treatment for safety and longevity reasons.

how to clean a fire pit

Size of grate

Consider the size of a grate before you make your buying decision. You’ll need to carry the grate where ever you go and store it in your vehicle. Larger grill grates are excellent for cooking more food at once on the patio, while smaller grates are easier to transport.

Most cooking grates have surfaces for cooking that are about 100 in.² or more. Adjustable cooking grates may have up to 100 in.² cooking surfaces split between their various levels of grates. Speaking of an adjustable grill grate, keep in mind their total height is not too tall yourself. 


Firepit cooking grates can be of heavy-duty steel. But you can also find portable cooking grates that weigh little more than a pound. There isn’t a right or wrong answer for overall weight, but keep in mind as you evaluate your buying choices, so you don’t accidentally purchase a cooking grate that is too difficult to carry around or set up.

Weight is crucial if you plan to hike to your campsite and need to carry your grill physically for some duration. Pick a portable grill if you’ll be moving it physically more often than not.

Benefits of an Adjustable Fire Pit Grill Grate 

1. You Can Rotate The Food About the Heat Source

If you’re not careful, cooking over the open fire can lead to burning food. The fire pit grill grate can be adjusted to allow you to move your food around. You can use the fire’s heat to your advantage.

Want to cook some vegetables and steaks? You can do that on the same grate. You can sear your vegetables on the side of the grill where the heat is less intense if you use a rotating grate. 

You will be able to grill more than one food item at a time. 

2. Keep Your Food Warm Until You’re Ready to Dig In 

Sometimes you get distracted and forget about the food entirely, only remembering.

With an adjustable fire pit grate grill, you can keep your food warm. Using the elevation bars, you can adjust the level of your grill grate, so it doesn’t sit directly over the heat. 

So even if you lose track with a bit of fireside chat, your food will still be piping hot when it’s time to dish up!

3. You Can Dish Straight Off The Grill

Say goodbye to using hundreds of bowls and containers so your guests can dish up their food. With an adjustable fire pit grill grate, they can help themselves straight off of the grill. 

When done cooking, you can move your grill away from the fire and allow your guests to grab some freshly grilled food. 

4. No More Scorched Food 

When cooking with fire, often something gets burned. With an adjustable grate, you can move your food away from the heat and still keep it warm. 


Finally, keep any possible additional products that might come with the purchase in mind. Some of the best fire grates come with extra tools or spare parts that can increase the value for money of the set. Others might have other stands or legs or some cooking oil or a heat treatment spray.

fire pit when camping


Q: Can I Cook Food Directly on My Grill Grate?

A: Yes, but only do it if the grate mesh is of stainless steel. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic.

Overall, it’s safest to use on stainless steel for all cooking surfaces. If your grate isn’t stainless steel, cook your food in a cast-iron skillet or pan by placing it on the grate.

Q: What Height is Best for Cooking with a Fire Grate?

A: The optimal height for cooking any food with your fire grate depends on the food.

For instance, chicken and pork have a higher risk for certain parasites, so you should cook them with extra care.

Q: Why Use a Grate Instead of a Cast Iron Skillet?

A: A grate allows you to cook different foods simultaneously and provides more space than a skillet.

You can put your dishes on the grate and let them cook without holding everything the whole time.

Q: Can I Use Non-Stick Spray on my Cooking Grate?

A: Sure, you can use a nonstick spray, but we wouldn’t recommend placing food on the grate unless stainless steel.

Nonstick sprays can be effective even if you don’t put the food directly on the grate. These sprays can help you remove your cooking dishes more efficiently and prevent residue from sticking to the grate wires over time.


Final Thoughts

Cooking food for your friends and family on a fire pit grill grate is a memorable experience. The food will look and taste great, and the fire will hypnotize everyone around it.

Outdoor Fire Pit Grates are an essential part of every outdoor kitchen setup because they allow you to prepare large amounts of food quickly and efficiently. They also provide safety features such as handles and locking mechanisms, making them easy to move and store after each use.

Weber Cooking Grate
Weber Cooking Grate 22.5in

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