TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS 38" Diameter Steel Fire Pit Liner Ring 38FR Heavy Duty DIY In-Ground Outdoor Build Your Own Bonfire

The Titan Great Outdoors Steel Fire Ring is a great way to keep your fire contained and under control. You will enjoy gatherings of family and friends, whether in your backyard or a campfire in the wilderness or beach.

For a relatively small price, a wood-burning fire pit can — and will! — change the way you spend the summer. It’s also an excellent excuse not to clean your house; people are not going into your home.


If you are interested in finding a fire pit ring, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll discover a review regarding fire rings and fire pit products, purpose, use, and maintenance. You will also learn about different kinds available on the market today.

When shopping, you may come across the terms fire pit ring, fire pit liner, and fire pit insert; they all refer to the exact item as long as the construction material is the same.

The best part is that we have done all this research so that you can get a product overview right here! So now it’s time to get started by reading our guide below.

The Titan Outdoors is a 38″ Diameter Steel Fire Pit Liner Ring is a heavy-duty steel ring providing long-term durability. It weighs about 19 lbs. for easy portability. It comes in 4 pieces that easily fit together with eight supplied bolts. 

The unit weight is 19 lbs., making it a fire ring that you can take anywhere.




The thickness of a ring’s steel is typically greater in higher quality fire pits which helps with durability. 

Titan Outdoors rings are constructed of 1mm thick, sturdy steel with a 1.5-millimeter thick steel rim. The quality of the material gives you a long-lasting and durable liner.


The size of the unit will be personal preference. Most commercially available steel fire pit liners range from 24 to 46 inches in diameter.

A small ring with a 30-inch inside diameter or less will limit the size of the fire and the heat it produces. A small size will make it much harder to feed logs into it since you will have to find or cut your wood to fit.

A larger ring will make it easier to feed you fire, and your guests will not be as tempted to get close to the fire for heat. A small pit may be a safety concern because people want to position themselves and furniture close to the flames.

The unit’s wall usually runs 6-12 inches in height; the Titan’s wall is 10 in. in size. Extra height provides heat protection and helps contain the fire.

Titan Outdoors come in 33, 38, and 46-inch diameters – each with a depth of 10 inches. The average lip size of rings can be 1 to 6 inches wide, providing a surface for many uses.

The Titan’s steel lip size is 3 1/8in wide, which provides strength and stability while keeping the weight and size down for easy transport.

The outside diameter of the 38-inch ring is 38 1/8 inches, and the inside diameter is 32 inches.


Fire rings typically are round but can be had in various shapes, including square and rectangular shapes.


Some rings will come as one piece, which can make them more challenging to transport. And some will have parts that are attached so that they fold into a compact unit.

The Titan 38 inch has four pieces to form the ring, which attach with eight supplied bolts for easy and quick assembly time. 

Decorative cut-outs and designs

Some rings have cut-outs of nature scenes or sport team logos. These look nice and can be conversation starters, but they are not very functional as fire rings go. 

If you get one of these because they are light and you think they will transport well, you may find they bend and twist because of their lack of substance.

These types of rings often are made of thin metal, which will rust and corrode quickly.

This type of ring does not provide good long-term value. 


Cooking over a backyard fire pit or at a campfire can be a great experience. Some fire rings include an attached cooking grill grate, and some are made to have a grate placed over the flames.

Grate sizes vary widely depending on what you plan to cook on them and can be purchased separately. It is best to shop around for a grate so that the ring and grate will cook well together.


The ring’s metal needs protection from high heat and should be painted with special high-temperature paint.


Typical prices can range from $20 to $250 and can go much high depending on what features you are looking to get. Shopping around for quality will pay off while not costing much more. 

Titan Outdoors rings are what the company describes as a wallet-friendly price while still providing a high-quality product.


Always check the warranty details with the product details. You want to know who is responsible for something wrong with the product and who will replace it.

Titan Outdoors come with a 1-year warranty.

What Is The Difference Between A Fire Ring And A Fire Pit? – What Are The Benefits Of Using One Over Another?

Fire rings are for indoors or outdoors. Since ancient times, they have been around when people would gather together at night to light fires and cook food over them. They were wood, but now they are usually constructed out of steel. These days, there are several types of fire rings available.

Outdoor Fireplace – Outdoor grills are becoming more popular than ever before. People love cooking outside because it allows them to spend quality time with loved ones. However, if you don’t want to invest in a large grill like those found in restaurants, you have options for something smaller. An outdoor grill rack makes it easy to prepare meals without worrying about burning yourself over the flames.

Camping Gear – When you’re planning to take a trip into the woods, make sure you bring along a portable fire ring so you can start a small bonfire. There are even unique fire rings explicitly designed for camping purposes.

Indoor Fire Pits – Indoor fire pits allow you to create a cozy atmosphere inside your home. Whether you need to heat up during the winter months or add ambiance to your living room, indoor fire pits provide just what you need.

Fire Pits usually refer to a permeant fixture placed on or near the ground to contain the source of the fire and the fire itself. The term can refer to wood, natural gas, or propane-fueled fires.

It refers to the kind of fixture which does not require any support structure such as a chimney. Instead, it uses its design to hold the fuel source above the flames.

Other than portability, fire rings and fire pits offer many of the same benefits:

  • Provides warmth and comfort
  • Adds beauty to your yard
  • Creates a relaxing environment
  • Allows you to entertain guests
  • It Makes it easier to clean up after using it
  • Keeps children safe
  • Improves air quality
  • Increases property value
  • Helps reduce stress levels
fire pit ring 2

What You Get With The Titan Outdoors

Ideal for DIY firepits: A fire pit adds elegance and entertainment to your outdoor space. Sometimes, the designs of fire pits don’t quite match the aesthetic of your home. At Titan Outdoors, you have the option to build your fire pit with a sturdy steel liner. You can surround it with bricks, stones, and pavers of your choice.

Durable steel construction: You need a fire pit insert to be sturdy. At Titan Outdoors, the fire ring liner is thick, tenacious steel. The ring is 1 millimeter thick with a 1.5-millimeter wide steel rim. It is coated with a high-temperature finish to prevent rust for years to come, maintaining the integrity of your fire bowl. 

In-ground option: The fire pit liner has a deep inset, allowing you to build a classic in-ground fire pit. Set some benches and chairs around the sunken fireplace, and you are ready! 

Easy assembly: This outside fire pit liner comes unassembled and consists of 4 pieces. The four pieces fit perfectly together with eight bolts and nuts. Assembly time only takes a few minutes.

fire pit 2


  • Constructed of commercial-grade steel providing a heavy-duty fire pit
  • A variety of sizes allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs
  • Quick and easy assembly time so you are backyard ready in minutes
  • 19 pounds makes for easy portability
  • Arrives with a high temperature finish
  • Versatile above ground pit or an inground installation option
  • Has a one-year warranty
  • The paint finish makes for easy cleaning


  • Only available in round shape
  • Does not come with a grate for cooking
  • Solid ring without cutouts and designs


If you are looking for a budget fire ring offering the options of portability or in-ground installation, this is a quality product.

You can use this in the backyard or take it camping with no problems. After some use, you may decide to use this ring as a more permeant fixture, and you can place rock or stones around it for a fir pit.

You can use this ring for cooking, warmth, and a gathering place.

You can find a cheaper fire ring, but you probably will not get as much use from it. You can also find more expensive rings that will probably last longer.

As a starter fire ring, the Titan Outdoors is a quality investment.


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