Amazon Basics Portable Folding Campfire Grill ‎62518 Grate Review

The Amazon Basics Portable Folding Campfire Grill Grate is an excellent bare-bones choice for anyone who has limited space or wants a grill for basic camping. It’s lightweight and folds up to fit in any bag, yet it provides a stable and sturdy base for cooking.

This grate is one of the lowest price portable over fire camp grill options on the market, but it still does its job well – before you buy, read my review to make sure this is best suited to your needs.


It is a painted grate not intended for direct contact barbecuing but used with outdoor cookware, including heavy cast iron.

 This grill has a lot to offer; it is sturdily built and has a foldable leg design, making it exceptionally convenient to transport and store while not in use.

 It is available in two different sizes. The smaller sized product dimensions are 18.5 ″ x 12 ″ for a cooking area of 222 square inches, and the larger version measures 37 ″ x 18 ″ for a cooking size of 665 square inches.

 This portable camping grill from AmazonBasics is an excellent option to think about if you want something solid and compact. It’s sized at about 11 x 18 inches and is more space-saving than similar brands.

AmazonBasics campfire grate

It features high-quality welded steel material along with a premium stainless steel cooking grate painted black. The mesh on the top of the grate is a lighter steel grade but solid and resilient. The AmazonBasics grate will take heavy abuse, but it might rust like the Texsport grill.

The legs of the portable camping grill angle out for added stability, and they fold when it’s time to transport the grate back to your car or from location to location. The legs, regrettably, do not adjust, so you’re stuck to the pre-made height of 9.3 inches for either size you choose.

This portable camping grill weighs 5 pounds, which makes it very portable.

This specific grate is a medium-size you can find smaller sized and larger grills as well. The 11 x 18-inch cooking grate does not feel like a “medium”; it is small. 

What Is A Fire Pit Grill Grate?

Fire pits supply many benefits. They are likewise available in various shapes and sizes.

 Whether you have a fireplace on your yard’s outdoor patio or want to utilize it on camping getaways or picnics, this fire pit grate offers many benefits.

 They have a bigger grilling surface for pots and pans, allowing you to cook food for lots of individuals rapidly.

Made from premium stainless steel, and will transfer and save heat efficiently.

How To Select A Fire Pit Grate

 When picking a portable camping grill, there are several factors you must consider.


 Determine the size and then pick the size appropriately if you already have a prebuilt fire pit. You can buy grates ranging from 19 inches to 40-inch diameters.

 It may be challenging to identify the appropriate size if you plan to utilize your grate on your camping trips. Estimate how many people will be eating at the very same time. Typically, the more individuals, the bigger the grill.

Think of the size of a grate before you make your purchasing decision. You’ll need to take the grate where ever you go and store it in your car. A Larger grill grate is remarkable for preparing more food simultaneously on the outdoor patio area, while smaller-sized grates are a lot easier to carry.

AmazonBasics campfire grill grate


 A durable grate deserves the additional expense. Durable grates are typically more expensive, but they are likewise a better investment. You should think about quality-made products if you prepare on frequent use of your grill grate.

Buy either a quality stainless steel grill grate or a coated cooking grate with high-quality paint if you desire to utilize your outside grill grate for cooking. It is essential that you are pleased with the metal building and construction.

Outdoor grill grates with heat-resistant paints are likewise essential, and you might always include another coat of high-temp paints to maintain the grate.

Type Of Grill And Choices

You can select between round or square types of grills. The majority of fire pits are round, and many people choose round styles. However, square grates have their benefits. They are easier to keep and move and typically fit on many Do It Yourself fire pit styles.

The bar-type design or the X-mark type type of grill is something you ought to consider. When selecting in between bars, make sure you are more than happy with the amount of area in between each bar. If the space is too broad, your food will fall.

The X-mark grate will leave a distinct mark on your food, plus ensure it does not drop through to the fire.


  • Entry-level price point
  • Very lightweight
  • Folding grill style means minimal storage footprint
  • Sturdy bonded steel building
  • Compact size
  • Backed up by a 1-year warranty
  • Durable campfire grill for cooking over an open fire
  • Made from high-quality welded steel with a steel-mesh grill top
  • For use with outside pots and pans, consisting of heavy cast iron


  • No adjustable height
  • Due to paint, it’s not suitable for direct contact barbecuing
  • Small for a “medium” size
  • May rust with time

How To Clean Grill Grate?

Cleaning your fire pit grill grate can be a challenge.

The best method to clean your fire pit grate is by burning the sticking food and particles on it when done cooking.

You can utilize a wire grill brush to eliminate any gunk. Some grates might experience problems with sticking since their nonstick finish might not be as resilient.

Another option is putting oil on it and wrapping it in paper before putting it into storage; this will protect your grate and produce a lot easier clean-up.

What To Look for In A Cooking Grate

Finding the correct cooking grate isn’t tricky.


There are two primary kinds of cooking grates: flat and swivel. 2 types of grates serve the same purpose and work in various ways.

Table type grill grates are rectangle-shaped and made from durable steel items.

Some of these portable grill grates have retractable or extendable legs to allow you to alter the cooking height. These types of grates are terrific for cooking over an open fire and for cooking great amounts of food.

They are stable, and they’re a perfect choice if you are worried about your cooking grate falling. These are excellent for camping sites that do not have perfectly level surface areas.

On the other hand, swivel grills are adjustable grates that can change their position or the distance from the flame.

These are outstanding for cooking meals that have different types of food. An adjustable grate is a “swivel” grate since the grates rotate backward and forward around a pole.

Some of the adjustable cooking grates have a locking system that can hold grates at different positions. These are an outstanding choice for more experienced chefs or if you have a camping website with a reasonably steady surface area. They do run somewhat more threat of toppling, given that their entire stability is on the pole.


The material your cooking grate is made of matters.

The most common material for a grate is advanced steel. This kind of steel is durable and can last for a very long time.

Stainless steel is similarly excellent since it holds up against harmful damage and is hypoallergenic.

Many grill grates have meshed areas with diamond-shaped cutouts that produce the signature sear marks of favorite cookout types of meat.

Check if the grill grate is heat-resistant. Paint that is not heat resistant can fleck off and get on your food.

campfire grill

Benefits of an Adjustable Fire Pit Grill Grate

1. Functions As An Adjustable Heat Control

Cooking over the open fire can trigger burning food if you’re not careful. You can utilize the fire’s heat to your benefit.

Are you hoping to cook some veggies and steaks? 

You can do that on the same grate. If you use a swivel grate, you can cook your vegetables on the side of the grill where the heat is less extreme.

You will have the capability to grill more than one food at a time.

2. Keep Your Food Warm.

 Often you get sidetracked and overlook the food totally, resulting in over cooked food.

 An adjustable fire pit grate grill enables you to keep food warm. Using the elevation bars, you can change the grate elevation.

3. You Can Serve Straight Off The Grill.

An adjustable fire pit grill allows your visitors to serve themselves.

When done cooking, you can move your grill far from the fire and enable your visitors to get some food.

4. No More Scorched Food.

When cooking with uncontrolled heat, usually, something gets burned. With an adjustable grate, you can move your food away from the heat and still keep it warm.

Additional Items

Keep any additional items included with the purchase. A few of the very best fire grates had extra tools or different products to increase the value of the money spent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Prepare Food Directly on My Grill Grate?

A: No, however, only do it if the grate mesh is of stainless steel. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic.

 In general, use a stainless steel grate for all cooking surface areas. If your grate isn’t stainless steel, prepare your food in a cast-iron frying pan or pan by positioning it on the grate.

 Q: What Height is Best for Cooking with a Fire Grate?

A: The optimum height for preparing any food with your fire grate depends upon the food.

Chicken and pork have a greater danger for certain parasites, so you should prepare them with extra care.

 Q: Why Make Use Of a Grate Instead of a Cast Iron Frying Pan?.

 A: A grate enables you to cook different foods simultaneously and supplies more space than a frying pan.

 You can put your meals on the grate and let them cook without holding everything the whole time.

 Q: Can I Use Non-Stick Spray on my Cooking Grate?

A: Sure, you can utilize a nonstick spray. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend putting food on the grate unless it is stainless-steel.

 These sprays can assist you in removing your cooking dishes more effectively and prevent residue from adhering to the grate wires slowly.

portable campfire grill grate


Things We Like:

  •  Large cooking area
  • Made of durable steel
  • Extremely steady feet for an outdoor folding grill
  • 1-year service warranty
  • Weighs 5lbs. easy portable BBQ grill to carry
  • Diamond shaped mesh grill top

 Things We Don’t Like:

  • Can not adjust the height
  • Need to carry cookware

The high-quality steel body and stainless steel cooking grate ensure years of usage. The portable camping grill is finished in black high-temperature paint to withstand the heat from the fire.

The oversized stainless steel cooking grate can easily accommodate a small breakfast to a large family dinner. Once finished and the grate has cooled down, the legs fold underneath for easy compact storage.

The initial height of the portable camping grill is high for many table-type cooking grates. It needs to be high enough to enable you to get your fire going. You’re more likely to want to bring the grate more closer to the flames rather than move it away.

I think this outdoor camping grate is a good inexpensive piece of equipment to experience the great outdoors.

This grate offers good value for your money and should allow long-lasting use.


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